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The P. E. M. Program is WORKING course designed for individuals that have a business idea and need a kick start navigating through process of taking their business idea from inception to a ready to launch state. This course is 6 weeks of hands-on training broken down into 3 Sections: PLAN, EXECUTE and MONITOR. 

Individuals taking this course will be required to commit to minimum of 10 – 15 hours per week to successfully complete the required documentations for this course. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to create a vision and mission statement.
  • How to develop a business Road Map.
  • How to define a business Corporate Structure.
  • How to create a Business Plan.
  • How to develop a project plan to track all the tasks required to launch a business.
  • How to create a Startup Cost.
  • How to create an Operational Budget.
  • How to market your business on a shoestring budget.
  • How to finance your business on a shoestring budget.
  • How to develop a Launch Plan.
  • A simple way to track business financials.

Upon completion this course, students would have completed the following documents:

  • Business Road Map
  • Business Project Plan – To-Do List
  • Business Plan
  • Startup Cost
  • Operating Budget
  • Basic Marketing Plan
  • Launch Plan

Who Should Attend:

Everyone with a business idea that need help defining and creating all the documents required too launch a business.


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This is a working class!

“I genuinely do not believe that I will be able convey in text how completely blown away I am as a result of taking this class. From the orientation, to the one on one tutoring sessions, to the hands on assistance, Ms. Shea epitomizes what it means to be a teacher. She gets you excited and ready to launch your business idea! She has literally taken my little single idea, and birthed an enterprise from it! I now have a business plan, marketing strategy, and soon a business account…and the list goes on!”

Nasif Franklin, Business Owner

Kingdom Employment Services

The P.E.M class has prepared me to move in the right direction with getting my vision of business off the ground into reality. Before this class I had no direction on what to do or where to go. Now tones of information and resource to help me come alive and I’m forever grateful.

Ciara Nepton, CEO


If your ideal or business is looking dim and need to have some light shined on it this “Kick Start” class is for you! As a business owner of TAGIN, INC, I have accomplished so much since taking this powerful class. Every penny that I invested in this class was one of my BEST investments for TAGIN, INC. Sherry Major will challenge your idea and dreams and assist you into making that a reality.  I am so glad I stepped out and invested in this class. Watch out for TAGIN, INC. (Teaching Another Generation In Need) is on the MOVE!

Mary Rieves, Founder

Realtalkeb Expressions

Realtalkeb Expressions was already open for business, but I never had a business plan, administrative structure or a clear vision of what Realtalkeb Expressions was. When I took this class, I pretty much went back to the drawing board. I had to start over. When I thought I was making money I found out I was literally giving away my products and services. Not only that, I thought God gave me one business idea, but by the completion of this class I discovered God gave me an Enterprise.

Ebony Henry, CEO

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