Flu Shots and other Vaccinations

immunizationVaccinations made easy

We offer complete immunization services right in our pharmacies. Our pharmacists are professionally trained to administer injections and vaccinations. Let us protect your health! With your doctor’s permission, we can give you your shots quickly and conveniently. You will find our fees are reasonable and our service impeccable.

Vaccinations available at Chancy Drugs include:

  • Flu
  • Shingles
  • Pneumonia
  • Tetanus
  • B12

Travel Clinic for Company Flu Shots

Call Chancy Drugs to schedule a flu clinic for your employees. Get in touch with us at any of the numbers listed at the bottom of our website or send a message online.

Flu immunizations help keep illness at bay for your employees before flu season arrives. As the old adage says, “Prevention is better than cure.” – you know you’ve made the right decision when you don’t have to suffer understaffing at crucial times in your business. Without flu shots, one staff member with the flu can pass on the illness to others and this can cost you sick leaves you can otherwise avoid with a company-wide flu clinic.

This is a way to reduce absences in your staff during the flu season. Not only are you helping them work more days to earn more but you’re also helping them stay as healthy as possible. Let your employees know that they matter and that their health is important to the company! Schedule a company flu clinic soon.

We’re here to make your life easier.
Call us at 229-245-9922 to inquire about Flu Shot Clinic Section service for companies.
Get your shots TODAY!

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